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  • ICYMI: News Reports Reveal Foxconn Initiated Discussion on Possible Contract Changes

    Media reports, based on a letter released by Tony Evers, indicate Foxconn has approached the state seeking changes to an agreement.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/24/2019
  • Wisconsin Legislators Play Blame Game After Foxconn Upends Purpose of Mount Pleasant Plant

    Wwhat did they know about Foxconn’s plans to drastically cut back their end of the bargain, and when did they know it?

    Milwaukee Independent, 02/02/2019
  • Walker Foxconn Legacy in Shambles, Gov. Evers to Clean Up Another Mess.

    Robin Vos and legislative Republicans grabbed control of the agency in charge of the Foxconn deal and slashed accountability.

    DemoCurmudgeon, 01/31/2019
  • New Questions About Robin Vos, GOP’s Lame Duck Law Changes As Foxconn Scales Back Wisconsin Operation

    Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn intends to drastically scale back its proposed Wisconsin operation, again.

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/30/2019
  • As Scott Walker Campaigns for a Third Term, Poll Finds Shifting Political Landscape

    There is also “profound skepticism” about whether a $3 billion tax credit for Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn will benefit local businesses, according to poll director Charles Franklin. After the historic economic development project...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/06/2018
  • Marquette Law School Poll: Wisconsin Voters Think State Overpaid on Foxconn Deal

    Voters think the State of Wisconsin overpaid on the massive Foxconn deal in spite of it bringing benefits to the Milwaukee area, a new poll has found. In the most extensive polling...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/05/2018
  • In Negotiations, Foxconn Sought $200M Cash Upfront From State, Records Show

    Electronics manufacturer Foxconn, in talks with state officials last summer, sought a $200 million upfront payment as part of a state incentive package to locate in Wisconsin, newly released public records show....

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/02/2018
  • Wisconsin Reluctant to Give Subsidies to Foxconn Suppliers, Top Scott Walker Aide Said Privately

    In July, a top aide to Gov. Scott Walker privately told colleagues that Wisconsin didn’t want to add to the multibillion-dollar subsidies being given to Foxconn Technology Group by offering the same...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/01/2018
  • The Latest: Records Detail Battle Over Foxconn

    New records show the high stakes contest for Foxconn Technology Group’s first North American manufacturing facility came down to a battle between Wisconsin and neighboring Michigan. Records released by Gov. Scott Walker’s...

    WBAY-TV, 03/01/2018
  • Funding for State Roads Down As Much As $90 Million Due to Foxconn Project

    A new road project serving the $10 billion Foxconn plant in Racine County could reduce funding for other state roads by as much as $90 million in the current budget, according to...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 02/28/2018
  • Wisconsin Is Shifting Up to $90 Million in Local Road Funding to Foxconn-related Projects

    Wisconsin is shifting up to $90 million away from other state highway projects to do road work related to the massive Foxconn factory being built in Racine County. GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/28/2018
  • Foxconn Construction Resource Fair Set for March; New Website Launched

    Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday announced a new state Foxconn website to keep people informed about the project and also announced the first resource fair for construction workers interested in working on...

    Racine Journal Times, 02/14/2018
  • ‘We Will Soon Break Ground:’ Wisconn Valley Website Launched, Offers Information Foxconn Project

    Governor Scott Walker announced on Wednesday, Feb. 14 that the state launched a new website – It is expected to provide residents and businesses with the latest information about the Foxconn...

    WITI-TV, 02/14/2018
  • Donald Trump Lavishes Praise on Scott Walker, Takes Credit for Foxconn

    President Donald Trump lavished praise on Gov. Scott Walker at a White House meeting Monday for landing a $10 billion Foxconn factory in Racine County, while also taking credit for bringing the...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 02/13/2018
  • Trump’s Infrastructure Plan May Leave Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in Road Funding Quandary

    President Donald Trump touted bringing Foxconn Technology Group to Wisconsin as he rolled out his infrastructure plan Monday, but his proposal may leave state Republicans as split as ever when it comes...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/12/2018
  • Scott Walker’s Subsidy Blowback

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker thought he had a big political and economic winner last year when he promised Foxconn nearly $3 billion in state aid to build a plant in Racine to...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 02/08/2018
  • Foxconn’s Woo, Walker Banter at Downtown Office Announcement: Slideshow

    Louis Woo, a top executive of Foxconn Technology Group, recalled a Tuesday lunch conversation with John Schlifske, the head of Northwestern Mutual. “He could have sealed the deal, made the announcement a...

    Milwaukee Business Journal, 02/07/2018
  • Walker: State Could Give Foxconn-Style Tax Credits To Major Paper Companies

    Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday he’d be open to offering other paper companies Foxconn-style tax credits just days after he floated the suggestion for consumer products giant Kimberly-Clark. Kimberly-Clark announced last week...

    Wisconsin Public Radio, 02/07/2018
  • Wisconsin Would Spend $7 Million to Attract Out of State Workers for Companies Like Foxconn

    Wisconsin would spend nearly $7 million to draw workers to jobs at state businesses like Foxconn, under legislation from Gov. Scott Walker put before the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee. … The state...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/07/2018
  • Foxconn to Create North American HQ in Downtown Milwaukee, Workers Moving in ‘soon’

    Foxconn Technology Group representatives said Tuesday that they were putting a North American headquarters in downtown Milwaukee, but the first questions Gov. Scott Walker faced after the announcement were about other jobs...

    WITI-TV, 02/06/2018
  • Gov. Scott Walker: Give Kimberly-Clark Foxconn-style Deal to Keep Paper Plants Open

    Gov. Scott Walker called Monday for giving paper-maker Kimberly-Clark Foxconn-sized job incentives to avoid the closure of plants in Neenah and Fox Crossing. As Democratic lawmakers were announcing their own Kimberly-Clark plan,...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/05/2018
  • Foxconn to Create North American Headquarters in Downtown Milwaukee

    Foxconn Technology Group is coming to downtown Milwaukee with plans to buy a seven-story office building — giving it space for potentially hundreds of employees. Foxconn has agreed to buy the 132,800-square-foot...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/05/2018
  • Racine Seeks State OK to Tap Up to 7 Million Gallons From Lake Michigan a Day for Foxconn in Mount Pleasant

    Foxconn’s efforts to build a massive manufacturing plant in Mount Pleasant prompted municipal officials on Monday to seek state permission to tap as much as 7 million gallons a day from Lake...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 01/29/2018
  • Water Diversion Sought for Foxconn Area

    The City of Racine on Monday submitted a “straddling community” water diversion application to send Lake Michigan water to the southwestern corner of Mount Pleasant, an area that includes the planned Foxconn...

    Racine Journal Times, 01/29/2018

    SCOTT WALKER, WHO is running for a third term as Wisconsin governor this November, thought he had found political dynamite by wooing tech manufacturer Foxconn to Wisconsin with billions in taxpayer giveaways....

    The Intercept, 01/19/2018
  • Commentary: Foxconn Is Beneficial to Wisconsin

    While it’s true Foxconn has been offered a large tax incentive of $3 billion dollars — or $4.5 billion per Assembly minority leader Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) — the state of Washington offered...

    Racine Journal Times, 01/18/2018
  • Memo: Foxconn Cost to Public Nearing $4.5 Billion

    A newly released memo projects the public cost for a planned Foxconn manufacturing project near Racine could near $4.5 billion — nearly 50 percent more than the $3 billion cost initially cited...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 01/17/2018
  • Walker Outlines $20 Million Workforce Plan With Money From Foxconn Bill

    Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday announced details of how the state would spend $20 million allocated to workforce development in the special session legislation that cleared the way for Foxconn Technology Group...

    Milwaukee Business Times, 01/17/2018
  • Wisconsin-Foxconn Deal Could Cost Public $4.5 Billion

    A planned Foxconn manufacturing facility in southwest Wisconsin could cost taxpayers roughly $4.5 billion, a state assemblyman said Tuesday.

    The Hill, 01/16/2018
  • Foxconn Got a Really Good Deal From Wisconsin. And It’s Getting Better

    Associated sweeteners have now grown to more than $4 billion — adding in the cost of local government incentives and various infrastructure projects, like roads and highways, sewer and power lines. Foxconn...

    CNN Money, 12/28/2017
  • Milwaukee Biz Blog: 13 Foxconn Questions to Focus on Beyond the Price Tag

    As we reach the end of 2017, the price tag on the public investment in Foxconn has received renewed attention from local and national media. It’s not unreasonable for the public to...

    Milwaukee Business Times, 12/28/2017
  • Wisconsin’s Fire Sale for Big Business

    Gov. Scott Walker had already reached desperate levels of generosity to entice a big electronics company to locate in Wisconsin. Last summer, the governor agreed to an eye-popping $3 billion in state...

    New York Times, 12/10/2017
  • Scott Walker Seeking $6.8 Million From Legislature to Market State to Young Workers

    Gov. Scott Walker announced Wednesday he is seeking $6.8 million from the Legislature this session for a campaign to market Wisconsin to young workers and veterans in other states. The proposal was...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 11/30/2017
  • Neighbors Have Mixed Feelings About Foxconn in Wake of Contract Signing

    Not everyone shares Walker’s enthusiasm. Critics question the size and wisdom of the state’s huge investment. And because the proposition was divisive while going through the legislature, it’s no surprise that neighbors...

    WUWM-FM, 11/15/2017
  • Foxconn May Invest in a Wisconsin Venture Fund, Business Leader Says

    Foxconn Technology Group is considering investment in a Wisconsin venture fund that would provide seed money to startups that develop commercial applications based on the company’s super-high-definition display panels. “I’ve been in...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/14/2017
  • Gov. Walker On Foxconn: Focus Is On Construction, Hiring Skilled Workers

    Walker said his administration will next help make sure Foxconn connects with construction companies across Wisconsin. He also said he’ll focus on teaming up with higher education and the private sector to...

    Wisconsin Public Radio, 11/14/2017
  • Gov. Scott Walker Talks Foxconn, Roy Moore, Campaign Funds, Trump

    When Gov. Scott Walker launched his re-election campaign, he didn’t mention Foxconn by name, and people noticed. But when he appeared on the political talk show “UpFront with Mike Gousha” on Sunday,...

    Capital Times, 11/12/2017
  • Scott Walker, Paul Ryan Trumpet Historic Foxconn Pact at Signing Ceremony

    The buzz for Foxconn’s Racine County arrival was palpable Friday, as hundreds of the state’s and region’s most powerful political figures packed into the Racine headquarters of S.C. Johnson. Check out the...

    Milwaukee Business Journal, 11/10/2017
  • With Flourishes, Walker and Foxconn Chairman Sign Contract for Huge Factory, Huge State Aid

    Gov. Scott Walker and Foxconn Technology Group Chairman Terry Gou signed off Friday on the biggest development deal in Wisconsin history, inking a contract that provides a once-unimaginable level of state financial...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/10/2017
  • “Turning Point for Southeast Wisconsin:” Gov. Scott Walker, Foxconn Leader Sign Plant Contract

    Gov. Walker and Gou signed a contract Friday that locks the state into providing up to $3 billion in tax incentives if Foxconn invests $10 billion on a new display screen manufacturing...

    WITI-TV, 11/10/2017
  • Billionaire Terry Gou Made Guarantee to Avoid ‘nuclear Bomb’ in Wisconsin’s $3B Foxconn Deal

    Wisconsin used guarantees from a Taiwanese billionaire and the company he founded to avoid a problem that one Democratic critic has described as a potential “nuclear bomb” in a $3 billion jobs...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/09/2017
  • Walker to Sign Foxconn Contract Friday in Racine

    Gov. Scott Walker will visit Racine on Friday to sign the state’s agreement with technology manufacturer Foxconn. Walker plans to sign the contract at SC Johnson at a 1:30 p.m. ceremony, according...

    Racine Journal Times, 11/09/2017
  • Wisconsin Board Clears Way for $3 Billion Foxconn Deal

    Wisconsin’s economic development agency on Wednesday approved a $3 billion incentives package for Taiwan-based Foxconn to build a massive liquid-crystal display plant in the state, Governor Scott Walker said.

    Reuters, 11/08/2017
  • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Downplays Foxconn Because Deal Not a Sure Campaign Winner

    As Walker launches his bid for a third term and as the polling on the Foxconn project has been lackluster so far, the governor has taken a different tone on the bid...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/06/2017
  • His Re-election Run Official, a Look at Scott Walker’s 182 Fact Checks

    Says Foxconn didn’t keep a promise to build a plant in Pennsylvania because “Pennsylvania changed governors.” Our rating: Mostly False. Walker made his re-election announcement three days before the scheduled vote of...

    PolitiFact, 11/06/2017
  • Scott Walker: ‘We’re Ready to Move Forward Because There’s More to Be Done’

    Walker will also have to navigate the uncertain political terrain of the state’s $3 billion tax incentive to Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn, which is expected to create some 13,000 jobs in Racine County....

    Wisconsin State Journal, 11/06/2017
  • Walker Delays Commenting On Possible Change To Foxconn Contract Approval

    Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday refused to weigh in on a push for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. to change its approval process for the $3 billion contract with tech giant Foxconn....

    Wisconsin Public Radio, 11/01/2017
  • Republican Leaders Say Foxconn Contract Should Be Reviewed

    Republican leaders of the Wisconsin Legislature say the state’s economic development agency should be allowed to review the proposed $3 billion contract with Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group before voting on it....

    WMTV-TV, 11/01/2017