One Wisconsin Now

Walker’s proposals split groups

Scot Ross, executive director of progressive policy group One Wisconsin Now, said the governor is not prioritizing real problems. [Statehouse News]

New Governor holds inaugural ball at Monona Terrace

“(Doyle) donated all the proceeds (from) his two inaugurals to the Boys and Girls Clubs — to the tune of over $500,000. And when people are really hurting, we think that’s a more appropriate thing to do, and it’s a more inclusive thing to do,” said Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now. [WISC-TV]

Hundreds attend Wisconsin inaugural ball

Liberal groups like One Wisconsin Now slammed Walker for not giving the ball’s proceeds to charity, like Democrat Jim Doyle did in his two inaugurals. [WSAU-TV]

Walker, officials celebrate at inaugural ball, new governor’s work begins

One Wisconsin Now held a separate music show in Madison last night to raise money for relief groups and food pantries. Director Scot Ross said about 350 people showed up. Walker’s inaugural ceremony at the Capitol did collect food for Milwaukee’s Hunger Task Force. [Pierce County Herald]

First the dance, then work

Walker took some criticism from liberal groups such as One Wisconsin Now for not sending the proceeds of the ball to charity, as Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle had done in his inaugural events. Doyle’s events benefited Boys & Girls Clubs around Wisconsin, providing them $233,000 in 2003 and $323,000 in 2007. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Plenty of activities planned for Inauguration Day

Tonight in Madison, while the new governor is attending the Inaugural Ball, members of the group One Wisconsin Now will hold a charity fund raiser. Scot Ross is executive director. “One of the impetuses for doing this is we were really disappointed when Governor-elect Walker decided to turn his inaugural events into partisan political fundraisers,” […] [WUWM-FM]

Walker’s not-so-quiet power grabs

Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, echoes Miller’s thoughts. “This is an unprecedented power grab to undercut the Legislature,” says Ross. “That is a pretty big warning sign for people in the Capitol.” Ross says Walker’s proposal to circumvent the authority of government agencies would turn the governor’s office into “the state’s largest […] [Capital Times]

Politifact: A look at Scott Walker’s campaign promises

Walker promised to veto all tax increases. And he promised a lower tax burden for “all” individuals and job creators. That included a list of specific tax cuts that the liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now says adds up to $5 billion in revenue. [PolitiFact]