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  • Scott Walker Claim of Eric Holder Making Supreme Court Race ‘highly Partisan’ Ignores GOP Role

    Republican Gov. Scott Walker raised the issue six days after Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet, who was backed by liberals, won election to the high court. Her win in the officially...

    PolitiFact, 04/11/2018
  • The Blue Wave Continues As Dallet Smashes Screnock

    Wisconsin voters took a sharp turn to the left in Tuesday's election, electing the first non-incumbent liberal to the state Supreme Court in a generation.

    Lakeland Times, 04/06/2018
  • Republicans Warn of ‘blue Wave’ in November After Rebecca Dallet’s Win

    Democrats, progressives and the largest voting block in the country are energized and realize the power they have to make change with their votes.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 04/04/2018
  • Wisconsin Votes a Blue Streak

    WMC set a new low, violating the privacy of children who were the victims of sexual abuse ... The voters have spoken, overwhelmingly rejecting these tactics.

    The Progressive, 04/04/2018
  • Rebecca Dallet Beats Michael Screnock in Race for Wisconsin Supreme Court

    "Scott Walker, you hear that WAKE UP CALL?" Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now said in a statement.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 04/04/2018
  • Democrat Wins Bitter, Costly Race for Wisconsin Supreme Court

    "Democrats have traditionally lost competitive races in the spring ... But there's been a year and a half of activism, getting people organized."

    Washington Post, 04/04/2018
  • Voters Reject Despicable Campaign Tactics of the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. Will Business Members of Group Do the Same?

    Voters rejected the efforts of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce that spent at least $1.6 million to try to elect their favored candidate.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/04/2018
  • Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin Right Wing Lose in Electoral Earthquake

    With the victory of Rebecca Dallet over Michael Screnock, progressives have won an open seat on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court for the first time since 1995.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/03/2018
  • Dallet Wins Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

    Progressive group One Wisconsin Now issued a one-line statement: "Scott Walker, you hear that WAKE UP CALL?"

    Associated Press, 04/03/2018
  • Devil’s Advocates Radio: April 3, 2018

    It’s Election Day and we look to the tea leaves and Scot Ross to give us an idea of what to expect.

    WRRD-AM, 04/03/2018
  • WMC Takes Down Board of Directors Page

    This shows that in their desperation to try and win an election WMC knows it did something hideous and now they are trying to hide.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/02/2018
  • Not Qualified

    IMAGE: Michael Screnock was arrested twice for blocking access to women’s healthcare clinics. Michael Screnock: Not Qualified.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/02/2018
  • Victim’s Family Asks WMC to Take Supreme Court Ad Down

    Meanwhile, liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now, which has worked to discredit Screnock, sent a letter to WMC’s Board of Directors.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/31/2018
  • Group Wants Ad Criticizing Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Stopped

    The criticism of the ad comes from several victims advocates as well as the liberal-leaning, One Wisconsin Now group.

    WITI-TV, 03/30/2018
  • Open Letter to Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Demanding It Pull Down Television Advertisement

    One Wisconsin Now has sent the following letter to the board of directors of the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce demanding it pull down the television ad.

    Scot Ross, 03/30/2018
  • Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Rebecca Dallet Says Opponent Michael Screnock Has Koch Backing

    Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now argued that Americans for Prosperity-WI is essentially "the field operation for turning out Republican voters in elections."

    PolitiFact, 03/29/2018
  • Lost Values?

    NARRATOR: Supreme Court Candidate Rebecca Dallet claims she’ll stand up for our values but there’s a problem … Here’s what she told Wisconsin: REBECCA DALLET: I’ll keep protecting our rights and defending...

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/29/2018
  • Double Talk Dallet

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/29/2018
  • Milwaukee Family Says Political Ad Identifies Sexual Assault Victims

    A Milwaukee family says it's outraged after seeing a political advertisement on TV that they say identifies child victims of sexual assault.

    WTMJ-TV, 03/28/2018
  • Lost Values?

    SIDE 1: SAN FRANCISCO values don’t belong in WISCONSIN “I know that your [San Francisco] values are our Wisconsin values that we’ve lost along the way.” —Liberal Rebecca Dallet SIDE 2: JUDGE...

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/27/2018
  • Lost Values?

    BILLBOARD: Tell Rebecca Dallet: San Francisco values don’t belong in Wisconsin. [LOCATION: The I-94 and Highway 16 intersection in Waukesha. The Mason Street Bridge in downtown Green Bay. Highway 14 in Madison...

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/27/2018
  • Why A Judicial Race In Wisconsin Is A Big Deal For Midterms

    The Supreme Court race is “a statewide election and it’s the kind that conservatives have been winning since 1995,” said Scot Ross.

    Buzzfeed, 03/27/2018
  • State GOP, Business Lobby Dump Money in Supreme Court Race

    Reports filed with the state show of the roughly $900,000 Screnock has raised for the race, 38 percent, or $345,000, came from the state Republican Party.

    Associated Press, 03/27/2018
  • Michael Screnock Gets 38% of His Money From Republican Party; Dallet Gets 0% of Her Money From Democratic Party

    Michael Screnock has taken 38 percent of his campaign money from the Republican Party for his race for a seat on the non-partisan Wisconsin Supreme Court.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/27/2018
  • Stop Obama and Holder

    Vote April 3rd to stop Obama and Holder from stealing the election for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/27/2018
  • Did Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Michael Screnock ‘vow to Uphold’ the NRA Platform?

    The mailing, revealed by the liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now, urged NRA members to vote for the "pro-Second Amendment" Screnock.

    PolitiFact, 03/14/2018
  • Election Night Losers: Gov. Scott Walker, NRA, WMC and Michael Screnock

    Despite a massive spending advantage and no other conservative opposition, the hand-picked candidate of Gov. Scott Walker failed to snag a majority of the vote.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/21/2018
  • Wisconsin Supreme Court Primary Election Results Another Loss for Wisconsin’s Right-Wing Political Machine

    Wisconsin’s right-wing political machine went all in to buy a court seat for Michael Screnock but the voters of Wisconsin said, ‘not so fast.’

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/20/2018
  • Editorial: Tim Burns and Rebecca Dallet Are Credible Supreme Court Candidates

    Michael Screnock was on the payroll of the legal team defending Governor Walker’s divisive policies in court and working to rig state... district lines.

    Capital Times, 02/07/2018