Samantha Kerkman Tag Archive

  • Kerkman Denies Employment by Vos Influences Her Votes

    Samantha Kerkman said Tuesday she has nothing to hide and did nothing illegal in working for companies owned by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a fellow Republican.

    Kenosha News, 09/05/2018
  • Devil’s Advocates Radio: August 30, 2018

    Apparently Speaker Vos has some conflicts of interest. Scot Ross from One Wisconsin Now tells the Devils all about it.

    WRRD-AM, 08/30/2018
  • Boss Vos Paying Caucus Member Kerkman for Side Businesses the Last Five Years

    Robin Vos has been employing and paying fellow Republican member Samantha Kerkman through his network of private businesses going back to 2013.

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/29/2018