Scott Suder

Scott Suder steps away from job in Scott Walker’s administration

Just days before receiving the grant, the lobbyist for United Sportsmen offered free fishing excursions to Suder, the Journal Sentinel reported Monday. The day the trip began, Suder joined 17 other Republicans in urging a committee to give the grant to United Sportsmen. The liberal group One Wisconsin Now filed an ethics complaint with the […] [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Complaint filed against Suder for lobbyist fishing trip

One Wisconsin Now is requesting the Government Accountability Board conduct an investigation of possible state ethics violations after United Sportsmen, a group set to receive a $500,000 grant which was later rescinded, offered a two-day Lake Michigan fishing trip to former Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder, R-Abbotsford, who helped author the grant. [Badger Herald]

Suder’s fishing trip questioned

One Wisconsin Now filed a formal complaint with the state Government Accountability Board asking for an investigation of possible violations of state ethics laws based on the report, Scot Ross, its executive director, said in a news release. [Eau Claire Leader-Telegram]

Liberal group files ethics complaint against Scott Suder over fishing trip

A liberal group filed an ethics complaint Monday against former Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder and a lobbyist for a self-described sportsmen group for going on a fishing trip together just days before the group got a now-canceled $500,000 state grant. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

United Sportsmen Official Offered Free Two-Day Fishing Excursion to Author of Sweetheart Deal

MADISON, Wis. — The author of a sweetheart deal worth potentially millions of dollars for a politically-connected organization was offered a free, two-day Lake Michigan fishing excursion by the lobbyist and Executive Director for the group, according to a story in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. One Wisconsin Now has filed a formal complaint with the […]