Tiffany’€™s Imaginary Tax Burden

Last week I wrote about Republican State Senate candidate (18th SD) Randy Hopper and how he was complaining about taxes and suggesting that the current tax structure has been unfair to him. In that blog, I wrote that he has a credibility problem on the issue since he only paid Wisconsin personal and business income taxes once since 1997. Now we have another conservative candidate, Tom Tiffany (12 SD), complaining about the burden of taxes while having not paid state income taxes since 2005.

Not only did Tiffany manage to avoid paying individual taxes for two years but at least one of his businesses also didn’€™t pay income tax last year. Given that record on taxes, it is really no surprise that he was a former spokesperson for the Big Oil financed Americans for Prosperity. That extremist right wing group would just as soon have corporations contribute absolutely nothing in the form of income taxes.

If Tom Tiffany is going to run around his district complaining about a tax burden, he should probably say, ‘€œI don’€™t mean me, though, because I haven’€™t had to pay state income taxes for a number of years.’€

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