2007: Jeff Fitzgerald Praised Creation of ‘Non-Partisan’ GAB

As Jeff Fitzgerald tries to vault to the top of the "most hypocritical legislator" list for the week, he's making a heckuva case, given his call to end GAB today with his support for it in 2007.

As Jeff Fitzgerald tries to vault to the top of the “most hypocritical legislator” list for the week, he’s making a heckuva case. Consider his call to end the non-partisan Government Accountability Board and his statement to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon) said he saw advantages to going back to the old elections and ethics boards if some changes were made. “I like that system, and I think that system worked fairly well,” said Fitzgerald.

Apparently, Fitzgerald has forgot the internets exists and that one’s past statements may still be available.

Here’s the release Fitzgerald sent out when he voted for the creation of GAB in January 2007.

Rep. Fitzgerald: Supports Passage of Ethics Bill


Contact Representative Jeff Fitzgerald (608) 266-2540 

Madison – Representative Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon), issued the following statement regarding passage of the ethics package: 

“For many years the oversight of the elections, ethics and lobbying laws was in a system designed to be bi-partisan. Obviously, this did not work. Today, we created a new board with the goal of being non-partisan. By utilizing retired judges, we will now have a system where legal rulings are offered by those with experience in the law, not partisan appointees. 

This ethics package will establish clear guidelines with strong financial backing for investigations and prosecutions, if necessary. In addition, there are expanded prosecutorial options for these types of offenses. Once constituted, this new ethics system will lead the way to restoring confidence to the people of Wisconsin.”

Total hypocrisy: Thy name be Jeff Fitzgerald


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