2010 ‘Lie of Year’ Award Winner in Madison to Address Gathering of Corporate CEOs

Can GOP Spin Man Luntz Put Happy Face on Gov. Walker's Failures?

MADISON, Wis. — 2010 Politifact “Lie of the Year” award winner, GOP pollster Frank Luntz, addressed a gathering of CEOs sponsored by the state’s big business lobby today in Madison. One Wisconsin Now Deputy Director Mike Browne said Luntz will have his work cut out for him trying to boost Gov. Scott Walker’s record of job losses and policies that cut education and health care while doling out tax cuts for the wealthiest and corporations.

Browne commented, “Trying to sell the American people that more affordable health insurance was a loss of freedom earned Luntz the 2010 Politifact “Lie of the Year”. We can only wonder what awards he may be able to garner for telling the people of Wisconsin that Gov. Walker’s record of failure is good for them.”

This is not the first time Luntz has visited Wisconsin. Roughly one year ago, it was reported he met with Walker on the heels of the release of the audio of Gov. Walker talking to who he believed was conservative sugar-daddy billionaire, David Koch. At the time, Walker’s spokesperson alleged that the public relations fallout from the Koch call was not the topic of discussion with pollster and crisis communication consultant Luntz, but that he was instead sharing his thoughts on economic development with Gov. Walker.

A year later, with Gov. Walker facing a possible recall election, Browne noted the daunting challenges facing Luntz if he were to advise Gov. Walker include: 35,000 jobs lost in Wisconsin while nationally jobs are being added, policy choices to provide tax cuts for the wealthiest and corporations while slashing funding for K-12 public schools and health care, and a widening corruption scandal and secret investigation that is reported to include Gov. Walker himself meeting with prosecutors.

Browne concluded, “I really don’t imagine the increasing ranks of the unemployed in Wisconsin appreciate the ‘freedom time’ Gov. Walker’s disastrous policies have provided them or the child whose family is losing their health care is excited about their new ‘opportunity’ to stay healthy and not see a doctor.”

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