$900,000 Worth of Sleaze and a Strangely Silent GOP

Less than a month after sending out a blustery press release complaining about an advertising purchase by the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is strangely silent now that the reliably inaccurate Coalition for American’€™s Families has reserved almost $900,000 for television ads on Eau Claire, La Crosse and Green Bay television.

The Coalition for America’€™s Families has put down nearly $900,000 to do one thing, help Republicans. Now the same Republican Party that whined about ‘€œspecial interest spending’€ less than a month ago has hit their own mute button on the subject. Now, how is that for hypocrisy!

The Coalition for American’€™s Families is headed by Steve King, a former Republican Party Chair who served as a security man for Richard Nixon’€™s corrupt Committee to Reelect the President. He was identified as manhandling Nixon Attorney General John Mitchell’€™s wife Martha in an effort to keep her from speaking to the media about Watergate, according to Martha Mitchell’€™s biography.

Controversial conservative sugar daddy Terry Kohler was named as giving the Coalition a ‘€œsix figure donation’€ for 2006. He is notorious for attacking Governor Tony Earl for appointing ‘€œqueers’€ to his administration and for saying it would be a mistake to give blacks the right to vote in South Africa.

According to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, the Coalition for American’€™s Families spent half a million dollars targeting former Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler, the state’€™s first African-American Justice. In that effort they were actually forced to change one of their sleazy and inaccurate ads against him. The Wisconsin Judicial Campaign Integrity Committee also denounced their ads against Butler as ‘€œfalse statements that add nothing to the understanding of the issues in the campaign.’€ So when we hear that this group is now preparing to spend nearly $900,000 in television ads, we also know exactly what to expect: sleaze and inaccuracy.

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