A Lato Lies?

Former Republican Party tool Chris Lato wrote a piece Wednesday claiming that U.S. Senator Barack Obama’€™s operation in Wisconsin is basically all hype and that the ‘€œfacts’€ don’€™t back up the idea that he has a strong organization here. I personally have no idea as to the strength of Obama’€™s organization in Wisconsin , but Lato’€™s piece stood out to me for an entirely different reason. Lato bases the entire premise of his blog solely on a press release from the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Hardly the most objective source of the ‘€œfacts’€ in the midst of a presidential contest.

What is even more absurd than his use of a GOP press release as his primary ‘€œfactual’€ source is his justification for doing so. Lato seems almost insecure about his blog because almost immediately after making his claim he begins to defend his choice of sources.

Why would the state GOP risk their credibility and a public raking-over-the-coals by putting out a news release that they know is pure fabrication? Simply put: they wouldn’€™t. They know the stakes if they put out something that can’€™t be backed up.

Chris Lato cannot be taken seriously, everyone should know that and this blog is only confirmation. Did he write this with a straight face or is he simply delusional? Why would they lie? Why would they put out a press release that they know is fabrication? Oh I don’€™t know because they have a history of doing such things perhaps. Forget press releases for a moment, the GOP had no problems having a full press conference in front of a young seminarian’€™s house falsely suggesting that he voted illegally. Around that same time they made many other accusations about voter fraud that were debunked upon close examination. 

Chris Lato continues in his blog with a comment that is really good for a hearty laugh. He basically says that we should just trust him that the state GOP would not lie in a press release. In his words, ‘€œI know from experience on these things. It would be a really dumb thing to do.’€ Chris Lato would know from very direct experience because he was the state GOP’€™s communications director. 

Lato was the person that put together a lengthy memo on supposed voter fraud in Wisconsin . The Lato memo was sent to (being extra polite) the less than truthful Karl Rove. According to news reports, Lato’€™s memo was meant to create pressure from the White House on U.S. Attorney Biskupic to start prosecuting more voter fraud cases in Wisconsin . This pressure was brought even though Biskupic already found that there was no widespread voter fraud problem. Lato’€™s memo to Rove was filled with more of the same bunk, most of which was completely debunked once anyone bothered to actually look at the many false allegations.

Back to Chris Lato’s own question: Why would the Wisconsin GOP lie? Why would they put out something that was a pure fabrication? Indeed it does seem that Chris Lato might be a good person to ask that question. The only problem is that you may not be able to trust his answer.

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