A Seat for Two on the Out of Touch Express

Although U.S. Senator John McCain is trying to distance himself from the most unpopular president in recent history, they actually are like two peas in a pod when it comes to being totally out of touch with the average person. 

Who can forget the presidential news conference in February when George W. Bush was asked about the cost of gas reaching $4 a gallon? He responded with “that’s interesting, I hadn’t heard that.” Only weeks ago, while he was raising money in California, John McCain admitted that he didn’€™t know the price of gas and couldn’€™t remember the last time that he pumped it for himself. Then he tellingly said that he doesn’€™t ‘€œsee how it matters’€ if he knows the current price of gas.

This is more evidence of just how out of touch Bush and McCain are on most issues. Perhaps that is why McCain would have the audacity to propose $4 billion in tax giveaways to Big Oil at the same time that they are gouging consumers and reaping record profits. Perhaps it is why George Bush and John McCain would sell off every single public asset to Big Oil even if it wouldn’€™t significantly affect the cost of gas or solve our long term energy crisis.

Bush and McCain have not only shown themselves to be out of touch on the issue of energy but also on the economy in general. How many times have we heard them both say that the ‘€œfundamentals of the economy are strong‘€ even as average people increasingly struggle with meeting their most basic needs? It seems like every week we get a new example from Bush and McCain of just how out of touch they actually are with the rest of us.

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