A very narrow interpretation of JB’s openness

Apparently the editorial board of the Wisconsin State Journal hasn’€™t made an open records request of Atty General J.B. Van Hollen recently. If they had, they might not be giving Van Hollen such a high grade.

Having made several records requests of Van Hollen’€™s office, we have found him to less than forthcoming with information, following a very narrow interpretation of what constitutes ‘€œopen record.’€ Citing all sorts of exemptions, privileged information and exclusions, records requests come out of Van Hollen’€™s office with as many holes as a piece of Swiss cheese.

The WSJ editors might have at least asked reporters around town who have submitted a request to Van Hollen if they felt they got all of the information they were interested in ‘€“ my guess is they did not.

But it’€™s great Van Hollen is traveling around the state campaigning on the public dime hosting these seminars to educate record-keepers and public on what they have a right to know. 

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