ABC Tells Wausau Media Stossel “Doesn’t Endorse Organizations” Week Before He Endorses Americans (read: Republicans) for Prosperity

Corporate-accountability foe and GOP darling ABC News 20/20 Host John Stossel has been slithering around our great state with a traveling rumba of rattlesnakes from Republicans for Prosperity.

One Wisconsin Now has dubbed these ‘€œRepublican Rallies for Failure,’€ as part of a Republican strategy, financed by Republican special interests to defeat Democratic President Obama no matter the cost.The Wausau Daily Herald did some digging about Republicans for Prosperity, most notably about the colorful legal past of its state director. But what really stood out to we at One Wisconsin Now was this line:

‘€œABC spokeswoman Alyssa Ziegler Apple said Stossel gives paid speeches and donates fees to charities, but doesn’t endorse organizations that invite him to events.’€

Our bullshit detectors went off, because appearing with an organization and being paid for shilling for an organization and its agenda is endorsing an organization. Simple as that.

But then there was fluff piece from the ABC affiliate in Madison, which ‘€œreported’€ Stossel’€™s talking points from the event.

Again, remember that Stossel ‘€œdoesn’€™t endorse organizations that invite him to events.’€

For those with sensitive stomachs, you can move to 1:32 to get to the following:

‘€œAnd what works is what this group stands for. Americans for Prosperity stands for limited government and free markets and that’€™s what’€™s made America prosperous.’€

So much for ‘€œnot endorsing.’€

He also repeated the lunacy of Sarah Palin’€™s ‘€œdeath panels’€ myth, adding the gem that ‘€œMedicare is a scam. It’€™s a Ponzi scheme.’€

The corporate-owned media is full of examples of these front-and-center contradictions, ethical lapses and outright advocacy for pro-corporate, anti-labor positions. It’€™s always irritating to see them, but they are also good reminders that in our communities we must all remain vigilant media watchdogs.

So, to quote the starstruck reporter ‘€œWell, thank you soooooo much for your help. Good luck with tonight.’€

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