AFL-CIO Protest at Gas Stations

The average price of gas hit $4 this Sunday, up from $1.47 the week President Bush took office. AFL-CIO working families will be protesting outside gas stations across the country on Wednesday, including one in Madison. They will assert that President Bush is too cozy with big oil companies and that he has done nothing to check soaring gas prices. They will call on President Bush and Senator John McCain to boost the economy and invest in jobs and energy independence rather than spending billions more on the Iraq war ‘€“ a war that’€™s benefiting the oil industry.

The participants will hold signs and condemn McCain’€™s proposed support for tax breaks for Big Oil. Senator John McCain has received large amounts of money from Big Oil, so it is no surprise that he supports their interests above that of the average working family.

If you want to join the Wednesday protest in Madison, you can find it at the Shell Gas station at 950 S. Park St. It will begin at 11:15am.

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