Amazing Coincidence: Auto Insurance Industry Insider Nygren Offers Auto Insurance Industry Amendment

The third substitute amendment (AA3) written by the conservative bunch
in the Assembly today seeks to tear up the ‘€œTruth in Auto Insurance’€
provisions of the state budget that would protect auto insurance
in Wisconsin.

Amazingly, the amendment to destroy the provision was authored by John
Nygren (R-Marinette), an insurance agent and owner of Great Lakes
Insurance and Finance
. Nygren has also taken thousands of dollars from
insurance industry folks.

One of the donors to his campaign is a Mark Nygren, also from
Marinette. A little googling turned up the fact that Mark Nygren is
the owner of Nygren Insurance Agency. I called their office and they
do in fact handle auto insurance.

I was not a math major, but imagine the mathematical odds of someone
who sells insurance, gets money from insurance and has relatives in
insurance just happens to author an amendment on an issue having to do
with insurance.

The mathematical coincidence is staggering. Unless it’s not a
coincidence, of course.

UPDATE: Coincidently(?), Nygren’s campaign slogan was “Changing the way Madison does business”.

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