Another Article Reveals Rebecca Bradley’s Right-Wing Extremism Spanning the Decades

In 2011 Profile Article, at Age of 39, Bradley Adopts Tea Party Slogan as Personal Motto

MADISON, Wis. — Under heavy criticism for vile, hateful statements and extremism on issues, State Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley, has been desperately attempting to dismiss her views she revealed in a series of columns she wrote as in her past. But a 2011 Wisconsin Law Journal article profiling Bradley, uncovered by One Wisconsin Now, in which she identifies the “Don’t Tread on Me” Tea Party refrain as her personal motto, adds to her disturbing and continuing extremism.

“Rebecca Bradley has time and again revealed her extremism and partisanship through her own words,” commented One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. “It’s clear that she does not share the values and ideals of the vast majority of the people of Wisconsin, instead casting her lot with the most extreme right wing.”

In the 2011 profile article she is asked a number of questions about her likes, dislikes, career advice and political views. When asked what her “personal motto” was, Bradley trotted out the Tea Party adopted “Don’t Tread on Me.”

Ross noted that, as Bradley is fond of talking about how her words must be considered in the context of the time, she made this connection with the extreme right-wing Tea Party at the age of 39. Her personal and political identification with the Tea Party also came at a time when Wisconsin was being divided as never before by the policies of her patron Gov. Scott Walker. At the time, right-wing forces were attempting to mobilize and support the extreme and regressive Walker agenda that most Wisconsinites feel has failed them, consistently reporting less than 40 percent approval of the job Walker is doing.

In addition, Bradley called herself an “aficionado” of politics and listed the right-wing National Review as her favorite website.

“The words and actions of Rebecca Bradley across the years reveal consistent, hard right political beliefs — from her vile, hate speech against the LGBTQ community and suggesting women are to blame for date rape to equating birth control with murder and abortion rights supporters with Nazi sympathizers and leaving her job early to pledge servitude to the state big business lobby. She doesn’t share our values, and she can’t be trusted to uphold the most basic judicial principle, that all are equal before the law,” concluded Ross.

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