Another Savage Attack on Decency

For some reason WTMJ radio insists on poisoning Milwaukee airwaves with the constant venom flowing from right wing talker Michael Savage. Apparently, for him and WTMJ, nothing is sacred. Savage is the same guy that wished aids and death on a caller that identified himself as being gay. His list of poisonous and offensive comments is a mile long and touches just about everyone. His most recent attack came against U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy on the same day that doctors announced that he had a malignant brain tumor.

In the opening of his show Savage played a montage mocking Senator Kennedy splicing in news reports about his tumor and audio from Kindergarten Cop in which Arnold Schwarzenegger’€™s character says, ‘€œIt’€™s not a tumor.’€ As if that were not enough, Savage then played a song from the group ‘€œDead Kennedys.’€ How far will WTMJ allow Savage to go before they finally see his vitriol for what it is? How long will they subject the public and our airwaves to the worst hate speech available? WTMJ should have pulled the plug on this Savage attack on decency long ago.

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