Another Walker Fail: First bills deepen budget deficit, create no jobs

Throughout 2009 and 2010, OWN documented the billions of dollars in corporate handouts that Walker was promising on the campaign trail, all the while he was promising to balance the state budget and put people back to work.

So public expectations, if not OWN’s, were high that the first bills he would introduce in the Special Session that he called for (at taxpayer expense), would do just that, balance the budget and put people to work.

Not the case.

As reported by the AP:

Instead of chipping away at the two-year budget problem, they include tax cuts that would increase the deficit by at least $80 million a year, based on figures released to The Associated Press by Walker’s office. Exact cost estimates to be given to legislators from the nonpartisan Fiscal Bureau were not available as of Friday.

Other measures, like revamping the Commerce Department, will likely have only a marginal cost or none at all. Walker hopes that the new public-private hybrid agency he wants to create focused solely on job creation will help him meet his goal to increase jobs by 250,000 over the next four years.

Some of those Fiscal Bureau estimates not available Friday were available today: Read more on

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