Anti-Catholic Man’s First Salvo at Assembly Dems

The first candidates for Tom Reynolds’ (R-Outer Reaches) Clean Sweep Wisconsin’s project to run some 12 candidates against Milwuakee-area Democratic incumbents in the Democratic primary are now public.

The Reynolds’ folks are: Phil Landowski (running against state Rep. Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee)) and Josh Hoisington (running against Tony Staskunas (D-West Allis), West Allis being Reynolds’ home turf), reports Daniel Bice in yesterday’s Journal-Sentinel.

Reynolds, almost universally blasted during his tenure in the state senate (see Waxing America’s profile on Reynolds and his anti-Catholic cavorting from 2005 and Milwaukee Shepherd-Express on Reynolds), has reportedly convinced several candidates to run against incumbent Assembly Democrats for reasons not entirely clear. Bice notes, “State Republican Party officials emphasized last week that they are not affiliated with Clean Sweep and won’€™t be giving it any help.” Bice does not offer auspicious press for Reynolds’ people. Of Landowski, Bice profiles in part:

Landowski is a graduate of Bob Jones University, a fundamentalist Christian school that barred interracial dating as recently as 2000 and has been accused of being anti-Catholic. Landowski said he opposed the ban as a student and isn’€™t sure if he would send his children to Bob Jones. But his alma mater is the least of the first-time candidate’€™s concerns. Landowski was busted in ‘€™99 for carrying a concealed weapon, a charge that was later reduced to a civil violation and fine.

The status of Reynolds’ purported targets in his ambitious project are listed below:

Tony Staskunas (D-16) – Reynolds man, Hoisington, has him in his sights
Pedro Cola³n (D-8) – Awaiting the Reynolds ax.
David Cullen (D-13) – Awaiting the Reynolds ax.
Jason Fields, (D-11) – Awaiting the Reynolds ax.
Tamara Grigsby, (D-18) – Awaiting the Reynolds ax.
Frederick Kessler, (D-12) – Awaiting the Reynolds ax.
Jon Richards, (D-19) – Awaiting the Reynolds ax.
Christine Sinicki, (D-20) – Reynolds man, Landowski, has her in his sights
Barbara Toles, (D-17) – Awaiting the Reynolds ax.
Sheldon Wasserman, (D-22) – Awaiting the Reynolds ax.
Annette Williams, (D-10) – Awaiting the Reynolds ax.
Leon Young, (D-16) – Awaiting the Reynolds ax.
Josh Zepnick, (D-9) – Awaiting the Reynolds ax.

Tuesday, July 8, is the filing date for Assembly candidates. Will keep you posted. Check out the Journal-Sentinel for more info.

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