Anti-Recovery Walkers Highway to the Road Builders Paved with Hypocrisy

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has been was as virulent against the Recovery Act funds for Wisconsin as the dopey ex-Governor of Alaska was about her state’€™s share.

You know who hasn’€™t been against the Recovery Act?

The Wisconsin Road Builders.Yep, the same gang that Walker is traveling all the way to Florida to grovel for money from.

If you go to the Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association homepage, the first thing you read: ‘€œWhite House: Recovery Act creating jobs and driving economic growth in Wisconsin.’€

If you click on the link you go to a page fraught with projects, many of which are being financed through some of the more than $2.7 billion in Recovery Act funds the state has received.

Funny, the first project on the page: ‘€œMilwaukee gets $21.5 million for two city bridges Milwaukee will receive $21.5 million in federal stimulus funds to help pay for improvements to the Wisconsin Ave and Juneau Ave. bridges with the total cost of the project estimated at $29.2 million.’€

So, if Mark Neumann wants to get all huffy for one reason and Mark Belling wants to babble about something he heard from his cadre of junior varsity teabaggers, that’€™s all fine.

But the real nuts of this story is Walker’€™s endless hypocrisy on the Recovery Act, which not only protected, funded or created 44,000 jobs already in Wisconsin, but also help prevent America from falling into a second Great Depression.

And that might be something for the Road Builders to think about while they’€™re feting Walker.

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