Anti-Stimulus Walker Proven WrongAgain As Another $3.1 Million in Stimulus Funds for Milwaukee Airport

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’€™s opposition to the $7 billion in stimulus funds allotted for Wisconsin under President Obama’€™s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has drawn scorn inside and outside of Milwaukee County.

The criticism has become more acute due to drastic cuts Walker is proposing for Milwaukee County he says are necessary. Let’€™s not kid ourselves ‘€“ this is the same guy who spent thousands of dollars to announce his second campaign ‘€“ including spending that money for in neighboring states whose television stations penetrate Wisconsin media markets. As Cory Liebmann laid out at Eye on Wisconsin, after using Milwaukee taxpayer funds previously, this time he had friendly corporations which do business in Milwaukee County finance the trip.That said any shortfall in Milwaukee County is due to his mismanagement and the failed economic policies of the Bush administration which caused the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression.

But the stimulus plan is pumping money back into the Wisconsin economy ‘€“ the latest announcement: $3.1 million for Milwaukee’€™s Mitchell Airport.

Again, thankfully, Walker has no authority to refuse stimulus funds, much like his brothers and sisters in arms on the extreme radical right who fought against taking stimulus funds like unstable former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Death Panel) and Gov. Mark Sanford (R-Donjua¡n).

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