Ass GOPs’ Budget Amendment Lead-Off: More Spending, Please

Are you kidding me?

After months of complaining about Democratic efforts to get out of the ginormous deficit caused by the economic collapse brought to our fine state by the incompetence and corruption of George W. Bush, Assembly Republicans have outdone themselves. And they haven’t even started yet.

Looking at the first two amendments to the state budget offered by the minority caucus, they seek to spend the same money twice.Both amendments transfer money out of the JFC’s supplemental fund. And the second one, transfers the money out for a completely new spending provision. Not only would this increase spending, it’s fiscally reckless because it targets the same pile of funding twice.

Perhaps Robin Vos can read the names of all the Republicans who would be massive hypocrites if they vote for these after all the squawking about the need for fiscal restraint and budget cuts.

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