Assembly Committee Votes on Gov. Scott Walker’s Election Year Special Session Bills

Scott Walker and Legislative Enablers Play Partisan Politics With Basics of People’s Survival

MADISON, Wis. — The state Assembly Committee on Public Benefit Reform met today to vote on a series of hastily drafted bills that are the subject of a politically motivated special session called by Gov. Scott Walker. A state Senate committee will also be taking action on two of the proposals out of public view, via a paper ballot.

A review of drafting records by One Wisconsin Now revealed how the Walker administration was scrambling to have legislation ready to go for a special session, just as panic was setting in on the eve of an historic electoral loss in a state Senate race.

According to recent media reports, fiscal estimates prepared by the Walker administration put the price tag for election year proposals, like forcing people to take drugs tests when they are experiencing tough economic times and need help with food and housing, at over $90 million.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Deputy Director Mike Browne:

“Gov. Walker and his Republican enablers in the legislature are playing election year politics with the basics of people’s survival, food and shelter.

“It’s a stunning missed opportunity. Our state government could be talking about a 21st century economic agenda that helps reduce the burden of student loan debt, make child care more affordable and improve family and medical leave.

“Instead Walker and his gang are pursuing a divisive, dog whistle racist campaign against people in poverty.”

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