Assembly GOP Passes Right to Work Despite Not Campaigning on Lower Wages, Fewer Resources for Schools, Less Health Care or More Dangerous Workplaces

‘The Fact Remains Right to Work is Wrong for Wisconsin’

MADISON, Wis. — The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross regarding passage of a wrong for Wisconsin right to work bill by the Republican controlled legislature.

Despite bipartisan opposition, including his own, and research showing right to work means lower wages, less health care, fewer resources for schools and less workplace safety Gov. Walker is expected to sign the bill into law after returning from a weekend of campaigning in Georgia and Iowa for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination:

“There’s not a single member of the state Assembly that ran for election in 2014 promising lower wages, fewer resources for our public schools, less health care or more dangerous workplaces. But that’s just what those who voted for the right to work law are doing, and that’s why right to work is wrong for Wisconsin.

“Gov. Walker and his Republican legislative cronies want us to believe that the same gang that’s left us last in the Midwest on jobs and lagging most of the nation on jobs and wages has the answer this time.

“Instead of focusing on the priorities of the people of Wisconsin they have chosen to listen to the special interest lobbyists. Instead of serving the people of Wisconsin they’ve titled the system even further in favor of CEOs only concerned with their own profits.

“Gov. Walker and the lapdog Republican legislature can recite the talking points of the right wing propaganda machine underwritten by Gov. Walker’s campaign co-chair until they’re blue in the face, but the fact remains, right to work is wrong for Wisconsin.”

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