Assembly Republicans Put Gov. Walker’s Presidential Ambitions Before Women’s Health With New Abortion Ban

‘Sickening’ That Crass Political Calculation and Ambition Trumps Health of Wisconsin Women

MADISON, Wis. — Speaking straight to camera in a television ad for his 2014 gubernatorial election, Scott Walker in his own words told Wisconsin he supported leaving, “the final decision to a woman and her doctor.” After being criticized for the ad by right-wing power brokers he needs to win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Gov. Scott Walker called for a new abortion ban in Wisconsin. The State Assembly gave final passage to that ban today and in the process interfered in the intensely personal decisions of women to terminate a wanted pregnancy and put their judgment before medical professionals to boost Gov. Walker’s political ambition.

One Wisconsin Now Research Director Jenni Dye ripped today’s action saying, “Politicians have no business imposing their beliefs on women making an intensely personal decision to terminate a wanted pregnancy, often in the most tragic circumstances. That politicians are endangering women’s health because of the most crass political calculations and to advance Gov. Walker’s personal ambition is sickening.”

Medical professionals and major associations representing medical professionals providing women’s health care services are strongly opposed to the abortion ban. Nationally recognized women’s reproductive health expert, Dr. Douglas Laube suggested the ban would endanger women’s health by mandating medical procedures. In response to questions about the bill he said, “…what it actually means in certain cases is that cesarean section — which really is a concept applicable much later in pregnancy — a cesarean delivery would need to be done…”

Recent media reports revealed Walker personally called for the abortion ban to exclude any exceptions for rape or incest and the Assembly author of the bill Rep. Jesse Kremer said he opposed such “carve outs”.

Dye concluded, “The message sent to women today by those voting for and supporting this bill is that they know better, they get to make decisions about your health and life for you and your family and that their political ambition is more important than your health. For that they should be ashamed.”

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