At the No More Cuts Rally

I had the opportunity to join hundreds of people at the ‘€œNo More Cuts’€ rally at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) led the event but were joined by several other unions, and by many other supportive residents that oppose Scott Walker’€™s drastic cuts.

While looking over the enthusiastic crowd and listening to loud chants of ‘€œNo More Cuts’€ I saw many other expressions of frustration over Scott Walker’€™s latest rounds of proposed cuts and layoffs. I saw signs like ‘€œEliminate Scott Walker’€™s Job ‘€“ Save Taxpayer $$.’€ One of the more creative statements at the rally was a man dressed like the Joker of Batman fame, wearing a sign saying, ‘€œPrivatization, What a Joke.’€

Milwaukee County Supervisor Elizabeth Coggs spoke at the rally, saying that Walker’€™s budget would eliminate over 300 county jobs and that she would work to restore as many of them as possible. She went on to say that in the middle of a bad economy is a bad time to lose jobs. State Senator Spencer Coggs talked about Walker’€™s endless desire to privatize. He went on to say that privatization brings less accountability and worse service. Supervisors Weishan and Clark also addressed the crowd as did several union leaders.

Even though the weather and the PA system didn’€™t totally cooperate, the hundreds of people at the rally were inspired and determined from beginning to end. If this event was any indication, Scott Walker can look forward to one heck of a fight. Given the train wreck that he has presided over as County Executive, it is one that he very richly deserves.

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