Audio of Speech Shows Rebecca Bradley Bragging About Outside Groups Helping Her Campaign, Before It Happened

Evidence from 2013 Shows Bradley’s ‘Wink & Nod’ on Coordination With Outside Groups

MADISON, Wis. — In a 2013 audio recording uncovered by One Wisconsin Now, Gov. Scott Walker’s crony court pick Rebecca Bradley, in her only other judicial election, noted in a speech that outside groups would be campaigning on her behalf. The fact that her comments came weeks before the campaign activity took place publicly raises disturbing questions about how she had obtained information about the planned activities of outside groups.

“Rebecca Bradley claims she does not coordinate her campaign with outside groups or political parties,” said One Wisconsin Now Research Director Jenni Dye. “But one listen to this audio, where she clearly knows what outside groups are going to do before they did it or reported their planned activity in any way, undermines any credibility her statements may have had.”

In the audio of a Bradley speech made shortly after the primary in her only other judicial election, she says:

“The general election is April 2nd, less than four weeks away, just wanted to remind everybody of that and let you know that I’m continuing to work really hard on the campaign trail. You will be hearing me again on the radio again, very soon. Umm, perhaps getting robo-calls from, umm, me or [PAUSE] friends, umm and, and mailings in the future.”

Bradley’s speech referring to help from her “friends” was made on March 6, 2013. According to records obtained through the Federal Communications Commission, the Club for Growth Wisconsin, overseen Gov. Walker’s campaign confidant, purchased time to run pro-Bradley television advertisements on March 21. In addition, campaign finance records reveal the Republican Party of Wisconsin paid for “robo-calls” on March 30 and online advertising on April 1 to boost Bradley’s 2013 campaign.

In interviews and statements to the media Bradley, who is seeking a ten year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court after snagging an unprecedented third judicial appointment from Gov. Walker in just three years, has alleged she would not work with outside groups in her campaign, nor would she coordinate campaign activities with the Republican Party.

Dye noted it seems Bradley’s current comments about coordination have as little veracity today as they had in 2013. A right-wing group, the Wisconsin Alliance for Reform, has run television ads in 2016 featuring video footage produced by Bradley’s own campaign. In addition, recently filed finance reports from Bradley’s own campaign disclose that the Republican Party of Wisconsin provided $4,709.73 for campaign staff wages for her on January 31 and spent another $3,532.74 on paid phone calls for her campaign on January 8.

She concluded, “The audio we uncovered reveals Rebecca Bradley to be totally untrustworthy when it comes to her claim that her campaign doesn’t coordinate with outside groups.”

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