Back to the fight

I just came back from FightingBobFest, and was reminded why we need to keep fighting.

See, I used to blog on Lefty issues. But I got tired of it, of spending the time on writing posts that so few would see, and that had very little chance of actually affecting anything or anyone. The Right was in the process of crushing the life out of our freedoms, of dragging us into war without end, and laughing at us the entire time. I gave it up; I admit it. I decided it wasn’t worth my time, so I stopped writing, deleted the blog, and stopped talking about politics with my family. They’re all Republicans, and it was making family get-togethers tense.

But I’m back now, and reminded that for evil to win, all that is required is for good men to do nothing. I need to stop doing nothing and get back into the fight. And I’m leading with my left…

# # #

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