Beil Calls Out WPimpRI

Marty Beil, never one to mince words when it comes to standing up for working men and women across Wisconsin, responded to the continuing assaults by the GOP shills at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute against our dedicated public employees:

‘€œIf Scott Walker wants to communicate with me, I would think he’s man enough to do it himself and not use a surrogate or a pimp like George Lightbourn.’€

One Wisconsin Now has previously written about WPRI’€™s most-recent junk science report, but Beil broke down exactly WPRI and its allies’€™ goals in an interview with Sly on WTDY yesterday.

He said WPRI is “is all about kind of fomenting this anti-government, anti-public employee, anti-taxpayer kind of mentality.’€

As One Wisconsin Now pointed out, the most recent assault on working men and women from WPRI has a flawed model, ignores the specialized work of public employees and makes a host of false comparisons which would laughed out of any first year survey course.

Hats off to Beil for standing up against this pap.

And when it comes to Scott Walker’€™s $2 billion tax giveaway to rich people and big business, WPRI’€™s endless stream of bile is a good indication that he would try and pay for it by slashing the public services that fuel Wisconsin’€™s middle class, protect our streets and make Wisconsin different from Alabama and Mississippi.

Just look at how Milwaukee County has suffered under his negligence.

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