Bernier enters Supreme Court debate to defend her campaign donor

“My heart bleeds for (County Clerk) Kathy Nickolaus of Waukesha County,” said Bernier, adding that she is confident that Nickolaus never intended to forget to add up all the votes.

Republican Rep. Kathy Bernier is very upset over the allegations that former Republican Assembly voter database expert Kathy Nickolaus cooked the books in Waukesha County to help her former boss, David Prosser, overcome huge enthusiasm on the left.

Sure, Rep. Bernier knows what it’s like to be in Nickolaus’s shoes because she too was a county clerk, but Bernier could also just be looking out for one of her top campaign donors. In September of last year, Nickolaus wrote Bernier a $200 check in her run for Assembly.

Afterall, if Bernier had taken an earnest look at Nickolaus’s 20 years or so dealing with voter databases and elections, she might have formed a different opinion.

Xoff has at least two examples (here and here) of Nickolaus fudging an election as Waukesha County Clerk. Rachel Maddow has more, here.

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