Big Corporate Special Interest Shows Michael Screnock the Love, Candidate for High Court Signals He’ll Return Their Affection

Partisan and Special Interests Pour Over $755,000 to Benefit Screnock Campaign

MADISON, Wis. — The latest information on media advertising buys reveals the right-wing, corporate special interests are showing state Supreme Court candidate Michael Screnock the love on Valentine’s Day. According to information obtained by One Wisconsin Now, the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) today dropped over $50,000 more in spending on ads to boost Screnock, bringing their total to a whopping $529,000-plus.

“The right-wing partisans and special interests are showing their love for Michael Screnock,” said One Wisconsin Now Research Director Joanna Beilman-Dulin. “And Screnock is not only inviting their attentions, he’s signaling he’s open to returning their affection, refusing to support reforming the court rules to prohibit judges from hearing cases involving their big campaign donors.”

According to media reports and information obtained by One Wisconsin Now, the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Screnock’s largest single contributor, has donated over $141,000 for direct mail, digital advertising and campaign staff. WMC has pitched in $529,000 for ads to benefit Screnock while the right-wing dark money operation the Wisconsin Alliance for Reform is spending over $75,000 more. The Wisconsin Realtors Association has also pitched in a last minute $10,000 to his campaign coffers, bringing the total down payment on Screnock’s election from partisan and corporate special interests to over $755,000.

Screnock has told the media “we welcome” the campaign cash and spending to benefit his campaign from partisan organizations and special interests. He’s also indicated he’ll be there for his generous special interest and partisan benefactors. At a recent forum he refused to support reforming court rules to require judges recuse themselves from cases involving parties that contributed large sums to their campaigns.

The reform proposal Screnock rejects was suggested by over 50 retired judges and would reverse a 2010 rule literally written by the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and the Wisconsin Realtors Association.

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