Big Insurance Investment in Ryan Continues to Pay Dividends

€œYoung Gun’€ Paul Ryan is at it again ‘€“ paid off to do the bidding of the health insurance lobby.

A report using stats from the Center for Responsive politics showed that big interest group donor to Ryan during his ten years in office is’€¦ you guessed it, health insurance.

Half a million bucks. What do they get for their money?

Well, they got Ryan’€™s deciding vote for the Medicare Part D boondoggle, which gave drug companies $139 billion taxpayer-financed subsidy.

Oh, and it gave HMOs $14 billion.

They got Ryan to oppose reimporation of less expensive, but safe drugs from Canada which could save Wisconsin consumers over $1 billion every year.

So it’€™s little surprise, he’€™s served as a point person for opposing President Obama’€™s plans for health care reform ‘€“ that once and for all would remove the stranglehold enjoyed by the death panelists from the health insurance industry.

At an event Ryan headlined yesterday in Brookfield, he even let an insurance executive perform as his opening act, who was busy ‘€œblasting the House bill and defending insurance companies against charges of greed.’€

Not to be outdone, Ryan offered this doozy: “Ryan said he believed that, inevitably, cost controls would force the government to limit certain types of care based on life expectancy and price.”

No evidence of this, mind you. Just his belief.

Well considering Ryan was an unending little lapdog for every single failed policy of George W. Bush — what in the unholy hell is anyone allowing what Ryan “believes” to be the truth.

It’s enough to make you sick.

And if you do get sick, hopefully, you have health care coverage like we pay Paul Ryan to have.

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