Big Oil Strike in Waukesha County

This weekend, Americans for Prosperity gathered together a bunch of Republicans and right wingers to talk about why more of your tax dollars should go to corporations.


Given that Americans for Prosperity is the tax exempt mouthpiece for big oil, it’€™s no surprise. Here are the facts about Americans for Prosperity and Big Oil:

Americans for Prosperity was created in 2003 by the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation.

The Foundation is financed by the fortunes of Koch Industries and its owners, David and Charles Koch.

Koch Industries is the largest privately-held company in America and the oil and gas conglomerate has sales of $90 billion annually.

Koch Industries paid $30 million for violating the Clean Water Act in 2000, the ‘€œlargest fine ever imposed on a company for violating the law.’€

Koch Industries paid $35 million in a six-state settlement after it was responsible for spilling millions of gallons of oil into wetlands and waterways.

A 97-count federal indictment was filed against Koch Industries for concealing the release of 91 metric tons of benzene. (Note: The Bush Justice Department dropped 88 of the charges against Koch, which contributed $800,000 to Bush and his fellow Republicans.)

In an effort to maximize additional oil and gas profits at the expense of the people, Koch-funded efforts included attempting to have the Clean Air Act declared unconstitutional.

Nice to see Mike Gableman, Paul Ryan, JB Van Hollen were just a few of those who had time to pop into Waukesha and kiss big oil’€™s big ring.

Sources: Center on Media and Democracy,; New York Times, 9/29/00; Sierra Club, 2002.

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