A Tweetstorm of Scott Walker Racism


.@ScottWalker refused to visit Lincoln Hills or Copper Lake juvenile detention facilities, despite all the problems after ill-advised changes he made, despite flying to nearby Rhinelander 11 times since September 2015. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker eliminated a reporting requirement for law enforcement that would have allowed for collection of data regarding racial profiling. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker underfunded state Department of Justice program charged with providing independent reviews of officer-involved shootings. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker ended early release programs for prisoners in Wisconsin. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker spearheaded “truth in sentencing” legislation and private prisons, leading to an increasing number of incarcerated individuals. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker championed a “voter ID” law in Wisconsin that will result in voter suppression, particularly people of color. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker signed restrictions on early voting which limited voting hours and eliminated weekend voting hours, which is expect to have a disparate impact on people of color. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker had government staff provide assistance to a group interested in putting up voter suppression billboards. The billboards were removed after pressure from progressive groups. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker proposed to end the “Special Transfer Program” which provides for integration in Wisconsin schools. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker repealed law allowing in-state tuition for undocumented students who had been Wisconsin residents for at least 3 years and graduated from a Wisconsin high school. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker opposed amnesty for undocumented persons in the United States and joined in a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s executive orders on immigration. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker twice removed artwork featuring people of color out of the public eye. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker has a track record of close aides who share or send racist emails. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker refused to criticize Trump for calling his appalling “many sides” Charlottesville comments. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker campaigning for president, sidestepped comment on removal of the Confederate flag, calling it a “state issue.” #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker campaigning for governor, sidestepped comment on Trump’s immigration baby jails, calling it a “federal issue.” #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker has presided over Wisconsin becoming ranked as the worst state in America for African Americans. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker is responsible for policies that left African Americans being incarcerated 11.5 times more often than whites, making Wisconsin the 2nd highest rate of black-white incarceration disparity in U.S. #WalkerRacism

.@ScottWalker appointed a State Supreme Court Justice who equated affirmative action with slavery in his writings. #WalkerRacism

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