Breitbart wrong: Wisconsinites making history

Over the last week, literally hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites have flooded our state’s capital city to show support for the rights of workers. Union, non-union, public sector, private sector, students, teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, and every middle-class Wisconsinite in between has shown up in numbers that dwarf the Koch brother-financed gatherings we encountered the last two years.

But that isn’t stopping professional blogger Andrew Breitbart from flying 1,600 miles from his home in Los Angeles, California to make the inaccurate assertion to Wisconsin’s floundering tea party fringe that those staked out in the Capitol are nothing more than outsiders.

Never one to rely on credible sources anyway, Breitbart’s fabrication is nothing more than political rhetoric that has no basis in fact. The truth is: hard-working folks from every corner and every single legislative district in our state has been alerted the huge injustice Republican Gov. Scott Walker is trying to shove into his so-called “Budget Repair Bill.”

Make no mistake: the whole world is watching our historic fight against corporate America’s assault on working men and women, but it’s the men and women of Wisconsin who have stormed the Capitol for the last six days, united in this fight to protect our rights and our way of life. 

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