Bush Legacy Bus

Today I spoke at the Bush Legacy bus event in Madison. I didn’t say much, I didn’t feel that I had to. If you spent any longer than five minutes on the bus, you were surely to be reminded of the horrors of this presidency, and of the enormous hardships we face in our very near future.
We met a Bush supporter as soon as we arrived at the bus. This man told us that the group sponsoring the bus, Americans United for Change, should have took the money they “wasted” for the bus and put it to something more useful like Habitat for Humanity.
Now, I am all for helping Habitat, but it seemed a little ridiculous for a Bush supporter to be criticizing anyone for their use of money, doesn’t it? I mean it’s entirely comical. It’s like a raging alcoholic screaming at you for being a smoker. Isn’t it the Bush presidency that’s blowing trillions of dollars on an unnecessary and senseless war? Maybe I am out of place.
This guy also went on to tell us that we went to war because congress approved it so it had to be the right thing to do, you know, the president wasn’t wrong “Hey, everyone approved his invasion, so how can you blame him” bla bla bla bla bla. Same old “taking years of my life cause of this ignorance” stuff, right?
You can’t argue with these people, it’s impossible. Your best bet is to do what they do for all the stuff that’s wrong with this presidency and our way of life today: just keep on ignoring it.
I’ve got to give it to him though, he’s a very resilient fellow. He’d probably be able to survive through a category 5 hurricane, you know, if said hurricane was raining intense amounts of bullshit. I’m sure he’d be just fine.
I mean what can I say? Do I need to stand up with a microphone and tell you you’re being screwed? I don’t think I do. If you can’t see it with your own eyes, than I am terribly sorry for you, it’s pretty sad if you don’t know when you are being screwed. And if you don’t see the disaster now, you’ll come face to face with it soon enough.

Better start stocking up on canned goods.

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