Businesses coming to Wisconsin, WMC must be furious

The states largest business lobby, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, isn’t really interested in attracting businesses to our state or creating a positive business climate here. Its singular mission is to attach a massive vacuum to the purse of Wisconsins taxpayers and suck out as much cash as possible for corporate interests and the wealthy.

If WMC truly cared about bringing good paying jobs to Wisconsin, it wouldnt constantly rail against the supposedly bad business climate in the state because its simply not true. The conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance spelled it out in plain English last week ” according to an upcoming WISTAX report, Wisconsin ranks 24th for corporate taxes. One would think since WISTAX is so loaded with past and present WMC board members the two organizations would be able to get on the same message.

So given the latest wave of businesses that are relocating to the state, WMC must be outraged its doom and gloom rhetoric about the dire state of our business climate hasnt kept businesses out of Wisconsin.

Heres a headline: 8 Biotech Companies Relocating to State

Heres another: Enzymatic Therapy moving Utah work to Green Bay

And yet another: Biotech Company Relocating Headquarters to Wisconsin

So all of these companies are moving to Wisconsin because Wisconsin is so bad for business? Once again, reality flies in the face of corporate-conservative scare tactics and another reason why we shouldn’t listen to anything WMC has to say.

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