But wait, I thought the Tea Party said there WEREN’T going to be billboards?

When One Wisconsin Now blew the lid off of the Tea Party/WISGOP/Americans for Prosperity alleged voter caging plan to disenfranchise tens or hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin voters this November, I suppose we expected some spin from those involved. But even we were surprised when everyone started flat-out lying.

First, Mark Block, the leader of Americans for Prosperity of Wisconsin, said AFP-WI was “absolutely, unequivocally not involved in any way” in the planning and execution of the caging plan. When confronted with the inconsistencies between his and Tea Party leader Tim Dake’s story, Block backtracked and said he had indeed had contacts with Dake and others about the caging and that AFP paid for the voter names and the mailing.

Tim Dake’s Grandsons of Liberty responded to our allegations by issuing a ‘revised’ version of the documents we acquired that laid out the caging plan. WiGOL’s new memo crossed out the line that said AFP would provide billboards highlighting the penalties for fraudulent voting.

So of course, we went out and took pictures of these beauts on the interstate between Madison and Milwaukee.

Click on each picture to enlarge.

You’ll notice on the second picture the billboards were “paid for by a private family foundation.” Just a coincidence that Americans for Prosperity was founded by the Koch Family Foundation, right? RIGHT?

There are reports of similar billboards throughout Milwaukee County.

Don’t be fooled. This caging operation is moving forward full steam ahead. And we’re not quitting until we get to the bottom of it.

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