Calling Out the Right: Tell OWN Where Our Gableman Investigation is Wrong

The right wing is apoplectic over the first results of the continuing investigation by One Wisconsin Now into Mike Gableman’s Suspicious Appointment to the Burnett County Bench by former GOP Governor Scott McCallum.

Our results show Gableman was appointed after donating to $2,500 McCallum’s campaign and hosting a fundraiser. No record of Gableman’s ever applying for the gig can be found and McCallum vaulted Gableman over two finalists recommended by McCallum’s own judicial selection committee.

Incidentally, the candidates McCallum rejected had donated nary a dime to his campaign. Coincidence?

Gableman’s campaign has criticized our efforts to ensure a judiciary with the highest qualifications and ethics. But to date, they cannot cite one incorrect fact in our investigation.

To the right wing, we challenge you to dispute one fact in our investigation. Feel free to post your findings here.

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