Can Gableman Cite One Fact that is Wrong?

Yesterday the Dane County Bar Association sponsored a debate between Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler and Burnett County Judge Michael Gableman. During the debate Gableman criticized an ad from the Greater Wisconsin Committee regarding his suspicious appointment to the Burnett County bench. In the debate, Gableman said that the claims in the ad were ‘€œuntrue.’€ Gableman should not be allowed to say that something is ‘€œuntrue’€ without providing evidence to back up the statement.

One Wisconsin Now has released the findings of a thorough investigation into Gableman’€™s suspicious appointment. Contrary to the methods being employed by Gableman, OWN released the findings and created a library of documents supporting them. Michael Gableman should name one fact that is ‘€œuntrue’€ regarding our investigation of his appointment. If he is unable to do so, his bluster should be given zero credibility.

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