Can We Tax Lame Legislative Metaphors?

Angry Joel Kleefisch wanted to be heard today. Oconomowoc’s GOP state rep took to the floor to protest what he considered, a lack of consideration given to members of the minority party.


As a note: Kleefisch is crying on behalf of the Assembly Republicans, who refused to offer a comprehensive budget plan of their own. The same Assembly Republicans who chose instead to criticize efforts over the past five months to solve the $6.6 billion budget deficit crisis by closing the Las Vegas Loophole and increasing income taxes on those earning more than $300,000. (The first state income tax hike on the top one percent in 40 years, but who’s counting.)

The Assembly Speaker offered an “olive branch,” Kleefisch blubbered, but one filled with “thorns.”

Good god, man. It’s Assembly Republicans whose “solution” to the $6.6 billion deficit has been two half-assed attempts that would have jacked the budget up more than $1.5 billion.  The budget you voted against cut spending by $3.2 billion — the biggest cuts in state history.

Stop whining already and lead. And by lead, that doesn’t mean lead us into an even bigger deficit hole.

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