Capital Times Calls for Ziegler Recall

Earlier this week the Capital Times newspaper called for the recall of ethically challenged Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler. They point to her blatant violations of very clear conflicts of interest rules prior to taking her seat on the high court. Her serious and repeated violations of judicial ethics rules are not the only reason for them making the call. They also cite her dishonesty with the public up until the point that she won the election. She continually denied that she did anything wrong during that time and put out many misleading statements to suggest and actually say as much.

The editorial further cites the fact that she now has so many conflicts on the high court that she is not effective for the job which she now holds. The Capital Times says that the slap on the wrist that she got from her colleagues was not sufficient for the violations that she committed. They suggest a recall election in the editorial because such serious decisions do not belong in secret deliberations but in full public view with full public participation. The Capital Times suggests that the only way to properly accomplish this is through a recall of Annette Ziegler.

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