Career Politician Scott Walker, Addressing State Big Biz Lobby Before Holding Fundraiser for Himself, Reports ‘Interest’ in Re-Election Bid

The Least Surprising ‘News’ of 2017 Will Be Career Politician Scott Walker Running for Political Office, Again

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker was interviewed by members of the state media today, after addressing a gathering of the state big business lobby, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, which has spent millions to support his political career, and before he travels tonight to the tony Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee to fete himself at a holiday fundraiser.

Among the comments reportedly made by Walker was the suggestion that he has, “great interest” in running for another term as governor in 2018.

The forty-nine year old Walker, who first ran for state office in 1990 at the age of twenty-three, has been in elective office continuously since winning a seat in the State Assembly in 1993.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross:

“The least surprising news of 2017 will be that twenty-three-year-plus career politician Scott Walker, who has spent nearly all of his adult life running for office, will be running for political office, again.

“Today, his quoting of lyrics from a song about a nuclear apocalypse to characterize Wisconsin’s prospects under his leadership may be unintentionally hilarious but his record in office is no joking matter.

“Scott Walker is willing to do or say anything to maintain his grip on power, and the families of Wisconsin have suffered. He cut education by record amounts and student loan debt is skyrocketing, jobs and wages lag the Midwest and most of the nation, slashed women’s access to health care and lead the effort of politicians seeking to intervene in their health care decisions, and he rigged the rules on voting to give himself and his party an unfair partisan advantage.

“To those who doubt for even a second that Scott Walker intends to seek re-election I’d ask, what else is this guy going to do? He’s been on the taxpayer funded gravy train almost his entire adult life, there’s no way he’s going to give that up voluntarily.”

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