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  • Walker and the Russian Connection

    “The timing of this quarter-million dollar contribution sure looks like Scott Walker’s non-meeting meant something to somebody.”

    Urban Milwaukee, 02/13/2019
  • Scott Walker Promotes Foxconn in Four New Ads As Two of His Top Democratic Challengers Hit the Airwaves

    “Scott Walker is so angry about his tanking poll numbers, he forgot he is the only candidate for governor who got his photo taken with an indicted Russian spy,” Scot Ross of...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 07/31/2018
  • Gov. Scott Walker Political Operation Snagged $250,000 Check Mere Days After Meeting With Accused Russian Spy

    A new report discloses Scott Walker's political operation mere days later snagged a $250,000 donation from a billionaire who made a fortune in Russian oil.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/20/2018
  • State Debate: Scott Walker’s Photo With Russian Spy Has the Bloggers Talking

    The liberal advocate One Wisconsin Now contends that it’s been Walker’s 25-year relationship with the National Rifle Association that opened the doors to the Russian accused of spying to get personal access...

    Capital Times, 07/20/2018
  • The Rest of the Picture: $3.5 Million in NRA Support Paved the Way for Accused Spy to Get Personal Access to Scott Walker

    The Rest of the Picture: $3.5 Million in NRA Support Paved the Way for Accused Spy to Get Personal Access to Scott Walker.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/18/2018
  • Scott Walker Has Not Been Contacted by FBI Over Interactions With Russian, Campaign Says

    Gov. Scott Walker has not been contacted by the FBI for his interactions with a Russian woman charged with trying to interfere with U.S. politics, according to Walker’s campaign. But Walker campaign...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 07/18/2018
  • Scott Walker Said He Doesn’t Know Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina Who Allegedly Offered Sex for Influence

    Butina said in online posts in 2015 that Walker said “hello” and “thank you” to her in Russian and that she did not detect any hostility toward Russia from him. Walker said...

    USA Today, 07/18/2018
  • Scott Walker Denies Accepting Gift From Woman Charged As Russian Agent

    Walker did not disclose receiving any gifts from Butina on campaign finance forms. Walker spokesman Brian Reisinger said Tuesday that Walker did not accept a gift and he has not been contacted...

    Chippewa Herald, 07/17/2018
  • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Met During His Presidential Bid With Woman Now Arrested in Russian Plot

    A Siberian woman charged Monday as part of an alleged Russian plot to interfere with U.S. politics was at Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential campaign launch and said she did not see him...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 07/16/2018
  • Scott Walker’s Record on Foreign Affairs & Veterans

    One does not expect a Governor to be an expert on foreign and military affairs. However, neither does one expect the buffoonery we have gotten from Scott Walker.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/09/2015