From touting his status as an Eagle Scout as his qualification to serve as commander-in-chief to comparing public school teachers to terrorists Scott Walker has stumbled and bumbled his way around foreign affairs and military issues. One does not expect a Governor to be an expert on foreign and military affairs. However, neither does one expect the buffoonery we have gotten from Scott Walker.

Having never served in uniform himself, Scott Walker’s record on honoring those who have has been less than stellar.

As Milwaukee County Executive Walker installed a close associate the head of a charity organization intended to help the widows and children of armed service members killed in the line of duty. Instead, the aide was discovered to have been embezzling funds for his own use and was criminally convicted for his fraud.

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs was roiled with controversy over his pick of a political crony to head the agency. Many veterans and groups representing them were outraged by Walker’s signing into law a measure to prohibit them from recovering damages for injuries they experienced as a result of exposure to asbestos in the course of their service to our country.