Racist Billboards

Voter Suppression

With Scott Walker leading the charge, Wisconsin Republicans have systematically sought to make voting more difficult and manipulate state law.

Race & Ethnicity

Despite the numerous studies showing that Wisconsin has a serious problem with racial disparities, Scott Walker has not led on this issue.

#WalkerAt20: Failing Democracy

The rights of voters to participate in free and fair elections, and have confidence that their vote will be counted is fundamental to our democracy. No one has failed them more than Gov. Walker.

The Wisconsin ‘Money Badger’s’ Bad Night

Last night proved that, in a fair fight, progressives win and the people of Wisconsin will reject right-wing policies that take their rights and favor the wealthy and corporations over the middle class and working families.

VC sends voter fraud message via billboards

Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now (a civil rights group), issued a statement Monday raising several questions for the Einhorns. [Upstart Business Journal]

This Week in Voter Supression highlights dark money investigation

On this week’s Melissa Harris-Perry show, Perry highlighted a joint investigation by theGrio and One Wisconsin Now that uncovered the secret funderbehind a series of billboards that popped up in minority areas around Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2010 and 2012 warning of the consequences of alleged “voter fraud.” [theGrio]

Foundation Behind ‘Voter Fraud’ Billboards Exposed

Thanks to reporting done by The Grio's Joy Reid and the advocacy organization One Wisconsin Now, Melissa Harris-Perry is able to name names for 'This Week In Voter Suppression” in exposing the foundation behind billboards that splashed false information on voter fraud. [MSNBC]

Bradley Foundation Bankrolls Controversial Billboards

Although the Einhorn Family Foundation admitted to being the “private family foundation” behind the controversial “Voter Fraud is a Felony!” billboards that recently appeared in neighborhoods of color in Milwaukee and two Ohio cities, news broke Wednesday they secured the funds for similar billboards in 2010 from the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation. [PR Watch]

War on Democracy

One Wisconsin Now notes that “In 2010, Reince Priebus was cited by name, in an aborted voter caging plot targeting minorities and college students." [Brad Blog]

Bradley Foundation helped pay for 2010 voter fraud sign

The liberal organization One Wisconsin Now was the first to disclose the role the Einhorn foundation had in footing the bill for the billboards. Scot Ross, head of the Madison-based group, called it “reprehensible” that private foundation money was spent on billboards that Ross said were intended to suppress the vote during the 2010 election in which Scott Walker was […] [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Author of voter fraud billboards steps forward

The renters of the Milwaukee-area billboards stating voter fraud is a felony were revealed Monday night after an investigation by One Wisconsin Now and African-American news website The Grio. [Badger Herald]

Venture Capitalist behind fraud billboards

TheGrio and One Wisconsin Now first reported Monday that the billboards were funded by the Einhorn Family Foundation. In a statement, the Einhorns confirmed that they were behind the ads. [Washington Post]

Who’s Right in County Budge Battle?

The liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now and the African-American website theGrio tracked down the information and reported it. [Urban Milwaukee]

Dark Money Fueled by Little-Known Organizations

Scot Ross of "One Wisconsin Now" joins Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests to dig into the details on the Bradley Foundation, what is called the "big granddaddy of political money that no one knows about." [MSNBC]