While conventional wisdom indicates the GOP needs to reach out to the growing percentage of minority voters in order to be successful in a national election, Gov. Scott Walker has eschewed any effort to reach out to minority voters. In fact, Walker’s track record of policy decisions in Wisconsin shows a candidate who often actively pursues stances that would undermine racial and social justice.

Wisconsin was ranked as the ‘worst state for black Americans.’ Studies show that Wisconsin leads the nation in incarceration of African-Americans, and that in Milwaukee County, more than half of all African-American males in their 30s and 40s had served time in state prison.

Despite the numerous studies showing that Wisconsin has a serious problem with racial disparities, Scott Walker has not led on this issue. In fact, his history shows that instead of leading on solving racial disparities, he is a supporter of policies that continue to contribute to disparities and that he is seemingly uninterested in a recognizing a diverse community.