Citizen Action to Call Out McCain on Dangerous Plan

Tomorrow John McCain will hold a campaign event in Green Bay, and while he is there he should address the very serious concerns being raised by Citizen Action of Wisconsin about his health care plan. They are calling on him to offer a plan that would actually help working families who are now struggling to afford health insurance.

Citizen Action notes that the health care plan released by McCain earlier this year would actually make the health care crisis worse by encouraging employers to drop coverage. The McCain plan taxes the health insurance benefits of people who receive them through their employer. This would encourage employers to drop coverage and would force millions of people on to the individual insurance market where they would have to totally fend for themselves. An analysis by leading economists just released this week shows that the McCain health care plan would cause 20 million Americans to lose their employer-based health insurance.

Robert Kraig, Program Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin commented, ‘€œWe are frankly surprised that given all criticism of his health care plan has received from policy experts, that McCain still stubbornly refuses to change course on this vital public issue.’€

Citizen Action will continue to make their point tomorrow by holding a visibility event outside the McCain rally featuring their got healthcare? cow. The ‘€œCow-Dogging’€ will begin at 2 PM outside the Resch Center, 1901 Oneida, Green Bay.

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