Citizens for Irresponsible Waste of Government Resources

For a group just so-darned-concerned about wasteful government spending, Citizens for Responsible Government sure is excited about spending taxpayer dollars chasing down Scott Walker’s political nemeses.

CRG filed a frivolous complaint against progressive blogger Chris Liebenthal, aka capper, for supposedly posting during work hours. A quick google search and a cursory review of capper’s posts in question show that the posts were clearly 1.) on a Walker-imposed unpaid furlough day, or 2.) on a specifically enumerated vacation day.

This is nothing other than a thinly-veiled attempt to silence the critics of CRG hero Scott Walker. When Walker’s constituent services coordinator got busted for (and admitted to) posting pro-Walker propaganda on the Journal Sentinel and other websites on taxpayer time, CRG was nowhere to be found. Where was the breathless CRG press release demanding an investigation? Where was the CRG complaint against such a blatant waste of taxpayer resources? Crickets.

Of course, this is just one more in a growing list of manufactured, selective outrage episodes from CRG that have absolutely no merit. CRG’s ‘Recall Doyle’ stunt from last year was over before it ever started, yet there was the Journal Sentinel, dutifully reporting CRG’s press release. The total effort behind the recall of Senator Jim Sullivan is apparently one press release. Last year, Haas414 pointed out another couple of local officials, Cudahy  Mayor Ryan McCue and Muskego Alderman Noad Fiedler, who found themselves in the crosshairs of CRG’s wildly-misfiring Recall-O-Matic.

The latest vendetta against Liebenthal from CRG is even worse than their pathetic, sputtering recall efforts because it’s now taxpayer-financed.

When is it going to be time for the media to ignore these baseless stunts? CRG’s record of getting it wrong is matched only by he-who-always-gets-it-wrong Bill Kristol. 

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