Citizens Leading, Dane County Officials Flailing

Update: Dane County Board spins wheels on Zimmermann 911 call controversy

via MAL ContendsMadison, WI – “The County Board’s mood didn’t mirror the public outrage,” in questioning “embattled” 911 Center Director Joe Norwick yesterday, reads the Capital Times.

That’s likely because the public is of the mind that 911 operators reached ought to err on the side of credulity over disbelief, and callers tend to view defects of these best and needed 911 practices with derision.

There is, the Zimmerman tragedy reveals, a culture of skepticism towards the public at the Dane County 911 Communications Center.

The truth of the matter is Kathleen Falk and her supporters seem more interested in political damage control than anything else.

Reports Nathan J. Comp from yesterday’s Norwick appearance:

 … Supervisor Eileen Bruskewitz (District 25) did criticize Kathleen Falk for attending a conference in New York rather than the meeting. This looks more to me like a cover up,’ Bruskowitz exclaimed, before Board Chairman Scott McDonell (District 1) scolded her comment as inappropriate. … Supervisor Kurt Schlicht (District 28) said he has been unimpressed with how Norwick, but particularly Falk, has handled the controversy. ‘It does seem funny that the leader isn’t here when her 911 director is testifying before two committees,’ he said after the meeting. ‘She isn’t genuine and lacks direction. She is in panic mode, not directional mode.’

That seems about right to me. By the way, why in the hell does Joe Norwick still have a job.

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